About Us

Texspares.com is a supplier of textile machinery parts and Instrumentation to improve the efficiency and cost reduction in the textile spinning mills.
www.texspares.com is located in Coimbatore,Tamilnadu. India.
We deliver the spare parts all over the India and exporting to countries including Thailand,Nepal,Indonesia, SriLanka, Bangladesh.

Our aim is to provide Parts for every textile machine to our registered member with the very best service, price and delivery of goods at the highest possible quality.

All our customers are extremely important to us at texspares.com.
We take pride in our wealth of knowledge and experience when dealing with the intricacies involved in supplying correct parts for the correct machines.

Why texspares.com?

  • Quality and ontime delivery.
  • Regular stock.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Experienced team.

The uniqueness of www.texspares.com is getting quality product with cheap price at best possible delivery time.

We also provide our overseas registered members to a virtual gateway to enter in to the markets of India and getting products from Indian suppliers.
Close ties to the factory in India and unique manufacturing resources in the India allow us to offer spares for complete textile machines.

Instrumentation Products
  1. Conductivity/TDS Indicator
  2. Differential Pressure Switches
  3. Digital-Hygrometer
  4. Sling thermometers
  5. Dry & Wet/Sling thermometer
  6. Handheld Conductivity Mtr
  7. RH-TempData Loggers
  8. InfraRed-Thermometer
  9. Co2 Meter
  10. Lux Meter
  11. Magnehelic
  12. Magnesense DPT
  13. pH Indicator
  14. Photohelic Gauge
  15. Pressure Switches